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Woman almost loses dead brother's belongings after car towed

Woman almost loses dead brother's belongings after car towed
Posted at 10:58 AM, Jul 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 14:17:09-04

While 13 Action News was at Ashley's Towing in connection to the story about the Corrales family whose moving truck was stolen from their hotel, our reporter Marti Glaser came across a young woman who had a much different problem.
We met a young woman named Courtney, who was obviously upset because the towing company would not allow her access to her vehicle because the registration is expired.

Courtney told us that she didn't care about the car, but she did care about some very important items that were inside --  a blanket and a few toys that had belonged to her younger brother who died two years ago.

Meanwhile, the Corrales family discovered that although the moving truck had been recovered, it was completely empty. Everything they owned in the world had been stolen by heartless thieves.

Courtney and the couple from Texas consoled each other outside of the towing company.

Fortunately for Courtney, Ashley's Towing soon had a change of heart and she was able to retrieve the things she so desperately wanted.

The Corrales family also has had a bit of luck since they lost everything they owned. A fellow Texan and Las Vegas resident reached out to the family and offered to donate several household items to them. She wasn't the only one either. Several Channel 13 viewers have offered clothing, furniture and more to the couple and their four boys.

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