What happens when you give a homeless man 100 blankets?

Murray SawChuck, who performs at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip, is huge on giving back to the Las Vegas community.

Every year he comes up with a new idea to give back and then films it for his YouTube channel.

This year he bought 100 blankets to magically produce and give away. But instead of giving them away to 100 people, he gave them all just one homeless man.

Murray says he wanted to see what the homeless man would do with the blankets. So, after performing a little magic and presenting the blankets to the man, they followed him to see what would happen.

The homeless man gave away all of the blankets. All of them. He didn't even keep one for himself.

Murray was so impressed that he gave the man $100 and told him to use it to find a hotel for the night and freshen up.

Murray states, "The best thing about being popular is that you can bring awareness to greater things that need your help."

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