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Wednesday's Child: Meet Kierrah, Keilah, Jahmer and Justice

Posted at 1:20 PM, Nov 24, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — You might think an entire sibling set would be a real adoption challenge, but we had dozens of phone calls and e-mails about the five kids featured during Halloween at a pumpkin patch.

In this week's Wednesday's Child, Dave Courvoisier introduces you to four siblings at the Mini Gran Prix whose story is every bit as compelling.

Kierrah, who turned 13 in November, is the big sister and feels responsible for her younger siblings.

"If you see her running around, she's helping her siblings, you know, wherever she can," said Yesenia Crawford, a caseworker for the Clark County Department of Family Services. "Making sure they're safe, keeping them out of trouble."

"That's kind of what she's learned to do over the couple of years that they've been in care," said Crawford.

Next in age is younger sister Keilah at 9. She's a bright kid, has lots of interests, and is very social.

"She has a personality out of this world," said Crawford. "I'm sure she's talking your ear off!"

Completing this close-knit sibling set are the 5-year-old fraternal twins Jahmer and Justice. Same age but totally different personalities.

"They're very opposite. You can think about opposites, they attract, but then they also sometimes, you know, don't get along," said Crawford. "You know, just be prepared for that."

These siblings have been in foster care too long. It's time for them to find a permanent home.

"For them specifically, a home that can keep them all together, a hundred percent," said Crawford. "They do have siblings. They do have connections outside of just the four, so definitely a family who can keep those connections, those sibling contacts, with other siblings."

"It's going to be a struggle for them to find that trust in someone for a little bit," she added, "But that love, that unconditional love, just accepting who these kids are from the beginning is going to be really important."

If you're interested, you can call our Wednesday's Child partner Raise the Future at (702) 436-6335.

To become a CASA volunteer and court-appointed special advocate for abused children, call CASA at 725-244-9939.

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