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5 Las Vegas siblings looking to stay together while being adopted

Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 13:38:20-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — When people consider adoption, the expectation is typically taking in one child.

So, the prospect of adopting five brothers and sisters would be challenging to say the least, but we introduce you to a loving, energetic group this week.

We managed to catch up with them over the Halloween holiday. Gage is the youngest; his big brother is Christopher with Honest. The oldest sister is Karma along with Riot - all ranging from 3 to 9 years of age.

"They enjoy each other's company. They love playing with each other," said caseworker Cree Ramos.

Karma and big brother Christopher have taken on the role of mom and dad to the younger ones… something that's very common in sibling sets like this.

"They've had a lot to handle, but they're a resilient bunch of children," Ramos said.

Their current situation has them in separate foster homes, and they miss each other and Ramos says they are looking for an adoptive resource.

"We've been looking for an adoptive resource for them. So, we can place them all together. They want to be together. They want to be able to see each other every single day, not just every weekend," Ramos said.

These great kids would need an active and patient couple to take them in along with people with the capacity to give one particular gift:

"They just want to be loved," Ramos said.

If you're interested in pursuing the adoption of this incredible set of kids, contact our Wednesday's Child partner Raise the Future, at 702-436-6335.