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Wednesday's Child: 6-year-old Kyler excited for his athletic future

Posted at 8:31 AM, Jun 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 17:56:51-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Today's Wednesday's Child is a rambunctious 6-year-old with special needs.

His name is Kyler, and he's a handsome kid with a bright future where the sky is the limit if we can find the right adoptive home.

We're highlighting Sport Social, an awesome place in the southwest valley that works with children who have learning delays.

Our photographer is having trouble keeping up with Kyler who can't seem to decide which fun thing to tackle next.

For what Kyler lacks in his talk, he makes up for in enthusiasm and energy.

"This is a new environment for him. So that's exciting and new, and just like a new kid at a new playground. You want to try and explore every area. So you'll see him being extremely busy, but I've seen, seen him in his home and he can just relax. He can kind of hang out. He has some favorite TV shows," said Becky Robinson, adoption recruiter for the Department of Family Services.

Kyler is big for his age and is still learning proper verbalization, which is why structured learning is so important.

"Structure is so important for Kyler. He's in a current routine where he knows what to expect almost every single hour of the day. And so if you were able to follow that routine, just at least at first, for the couple first couple of months, and then slowly transition it into a routine that works for your family, I think Kyler would do really well," she mentioned.

Beyond his robust play we saw during our visit, Becky says he can slow down to be very affectionate

"He will give great big hugs. He will give kisses. He loves to snuggle, um, his care provider calls him a snuggle bunny cause he'll just snuggle right up. So he will definitely show love and affection."

With the right patience and care in a loving family, Kyler with blossom and grow.

"He should be 2 parents and have a support system. Patient, they can have other children 'cause he does like other children," she said, "Kyler can just bloom into a kid who is happy and loving. And that's what we want for these kids is just to have this consistent love."