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Chapel doubles daily business for leap day

Posted at 7:27 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 12:11:51-05

Couples from around the world came to Las Vegas Monday, to tie the knot on a day they won't see again, until 2020.  

The director of operations at Chapel of the Flowers says for a Monday during this time of year it was really busy, but not as busy as previous leap years, maybe since those fell on a weekend.  

On any normal Monday in February, Chapel of the Flowers will perform around 10 weddings.  

On Monday, they performed 20 which is double their average for this time of year.  

Officials with the downtown chapel say specialty dates are always a popular day to get married, including Feb/ 29.

"People are looking for a play on number," says Nichole Roberston, the director of operations. "Whether it's a palindrome, or consecutive numbers like 12-13-14, things like that." 

Robertson says July 7, 2007 was one of their busiest days ever for the chapel, with more than 100 couples getting married in one day.