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Veggie Buck Truck offering Henderson residents healthy food options

Posted at 9:31 AM, Feb 15, 2018

A different kind of food truck is coming to Henderson, but it won't be selling tacos or burgers.

The Veggie Buck Truck is an offshoot of the Vegas Roots Community Garden. Cheyenne Kyle is the gardener behind the wheel.

"I just generally love feeding people and love to see how interested they are when I tell them 'no don't look at it, smell it first, hear it first, what sounds does it make, knock on it a couple times,'" said Kyle.

The nonprofit just got a grant for almost $100,000 to bring the Veggie Buck Truck to Henderson. This means people will have better access to locally grown fruits and vegetables.

"There's always shock and we always get the follow-up question 'oh where is this garden? Where are you guys coming from?' And we're just like oh we're Vegas Roots. We're right around the corner," said Kyle.

All the food for the Veggie Buck Truck comes from the land off North Tonopah Drive near West Washington Avenue. They're always looking for volunteers to roll up their sleeves, get a little dirty, and pull the vegetables right out of the ground.

"I started off as a volunteer here and what got me to stick around was seeing asparagus grow. Asparagus growing was kind of like mind blown cause the stalks themselves are about my height," said Kyle.

There's always something growing in the garden. It might be in the ground now, but in just a few months it could show up in your kitchen.