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UNLV breaks ground on new housing development

Posted at 2:55 PM, May 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-03 23:40:05-04

The UNLV campus is getting a makeover.

On Tuesday, there was a groundbreaking ceremony for a new student housing development called The Degree. It is just one example of how the school is expanding and attracting more people from all over the country.
"You can come here, store your car and go to class and go to eat and never have to drive again which is more of the lifestyle that people are looking for these day," the CEO of the Midby Group, Eric Midby said.
"We're definitely going to continue to grow and I think you'll see this campus continue to expand," said UNLV President Len Jessup.
With a new medical school in the works, UNLV is now just trying to keep up. Now the question is, could that expansion include an NFL stadium? The hope is, if the Oakland Raiders come to Las Vegas, they would share a stadium with the UNLV football team.
That addition would elevate the program, and the campus, to a whole new level.
"Think about that. A stadium right on the edge of campus and a great place like this to live on campus and what that does to the students and the student experience. It's huge for us," Jessup said.