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Touro University Nevada partnership to provide portable ultrasound devices to students

Posted at 2:06 PM, Oct 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 17:10:19-04

Vave Health has announced a partnership with Touro University Nevada to provide students with wireless pocket-sized ultrasound devices.

The ultrasound probes will further students’ education by introducing them to the necessary tools for point-of-care-ultrasound and enable them to receive hands-on training in diverse settings. The partnership will supply Touro’s students with a personal wireless Vave ultrasound and an ongoing Vave EduPlus Membership.

Touro is the first medical school in the country to collaborate with Vave on customizing product software for teaching and learning purposes.

The partnership provides Touro’s students with the world’s first ultrasound-driven medical curriculum focusing on augmenting the foundational sciences, enhancing test preparation, and developing clinical skills to lay the foundation for future clinicians.

The Vave ultrasound probe features a portable and wireless design that easily fits in the user’s palm. The state-of-the-art device enables Touro students to use the ultrasound probe in a variety of environments, including clinical rotations, in-person lab classes, or remotely from their home.

As part of the Vave EduPlus Membership, students will also have access to ultrasound experts and in-app content to help bring foundational sciences to life, provide clinical context, and enhance preparation for medical exams.The integrated software will provide in-app analytics which will enable professors to provide real time guidance and measure student progress.

Students can then apply the knowledge in the field during their own clinical rotations, a flexibility that wasn’t possible until now.

Vave Health products and services are commercially available to health systems, physicians, and medical schools and students. Vave’s Products and Services are available for use by a licensed healthcare professional.

The wireless ultrasound technology can be reserved here.