Tortoise makes his home at Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve

The City of Henderson welcomed a special new resident to the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, a desert tortoise named Tino.

Students from C.T. Sewell Elementary School welcomed Tino at the grand opening celebration of the preserve's new tortoise habitat.

Tino the tortoise was raised by Carolyn Ahern, from the age of 6 months old. She has written books about him and read her latest book Tino the Tortoise: Adventures in the Grand Canyon to the students.

Tino is now 10 years old and has arrived just in time. Desert tortoises usually go into hibernation (brumation) in mid-October and come out again in the spring.

The Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is located at 350 E. Galleria Dr. and is open from 6 A.M to 2 P.M.

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