Long lines at Terrible's on Sunset, Jones as people wait for 60-cent gas

Terrible's celebrates 60th anniversary with 60-cent gas
Posted: 2:20 PM, Jul 10, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-12 12:03:55-04

UPDATE JULY 11: According to the Terrible Herbst phone application, today's location for 60-cent gas is at Sunset and Jones.

A car crash and long lines caused frustrations among drivers near Sunset and Jones during a nearby gas station promotional event.

Folks rushed to the Terrible Herbst at Sunset and Jones for cheap gas but quickly found themselves pumping the brakes.

“Two hour wait but it went by quick,” says Stacie McAlister.

The 60 cent gas was only for purchase between 5 and 7 p.m right in the middle of rush hour in already busy part of the valley.

“They should have way more police presence going forward,” says Jameela Taylor.

Chopper 13 was over the area where the line of cars extended for blocks.

Las Vegas Police officers were also in the area directing traffic.

Some people waiting in line told 13 Action News that other drivers weren't playing fair and that some even went to the extreme to get to the pump.

“I saw an SUV almost run a car off the road trying to cut them and then they were letting other people in front of them so it was just crazy,” says Taylor.

At the intersection of the gas station, a crash was spotted.

Police say no one was injured, and 13 Action News is working to learn if it was related to all that extra cheap gas traffic.

Despite woes from drivers folks that finally made it to the pump say the long wait was worth it.

“I’m an Uber driver so I use a lot of gas so I’m saving a lot of money," says McAlister.

Here's a look at the area from Chopper 13 in the hour before the first 60-cent gas event took place:

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) -- You can't go far in Las Vegas without seeing the popular gas station chain Terrible Herbst with their trademark over-sized American flags flying overhead.

This year the brand that calls Las Vegas home is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

To celebrate the gas stations are rolling back prices to 60 cents a gallon between 5 and 7 p.m. every Thursday from July 11 to Aug. 29.

Each week a different Terrible's location will be selected to offer the 60-cent promotion.

Customers will need to download the Terrible Herbst app to their smartphone and log on to find out the location.

The app will give you a notice each Thursday before the promotion starts.