'Tanked' sets up new aquarium at Zappos headquarters

Posted at 7:16 AM, Nov 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-30 12:26:37-05

National television show "Tanked" is showing off one of their coolest projects ever right in Downtown Las Vegas.

The aquarium has four arches, 200 fish, custom LED lighting, and acrylic so thick that it's bulletproof. It is unlike any you've ever seen.

"I think it's absolutely amazing. I'm thinking about making one in my house, to be honest with you," said Brett Raymer, one of the people on "Tanked."

Would you believe this is all for the Zappos nap room? That's right - employees are encouraged to come and kick back in the middle of the workday. It's a huge upgrade over the old nap room.

"I'm really blown away by the tank. It totally blew out our expectations. I don't think I've seen anything done like this before," said Tyler Williams, an employee of Zappos.

It's supposed to be a tranquil space where you come inside, take a seat in one of the massage chairs, and get under one of the arches-- literally "sleep with the fishes."

"Well obviously laying in the massage chairs and then looking up and seeing all these beautiful fish-- who wouldn't want that? In their workplace!" said Agnes Wilczynski, who is also on "Tanked."

How could you be salty about the saltwater masterpiece? You'll get a better look at the finished product on the special holiday episode of "Tanked." 

"Tanked" is on Animal Planet. The episode will air December 15.