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Vegas students run internet radio show to help combat bullying

Posted at 9:56 AM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 14:20:53-04

A girl who was bullied takes to the radio to help others.

Kids from several schools come to Imagine 100 Academy of Excellence in North Las Vegas to host the internet radio show.

They take calls from students, and even adults, during the show. Some of the issues are pretty serious and hit close to home.

The equipment is top of the line. It was mostly donated. The students who run the show have learned how to work everything.

The students use their own experiences to help advise callers.

"Being small and like just my skin color, honestly, it just, I got teased a lot for things that I shouldn't have, just being myself," said Teshi Thomas, one of the co-hosts.

The show goes live every Sunday.

The radio show is part of non-profit Bully Busters 702. Founder Keith Bowen goes to schools all around the valley to talk about bullying.

When Bowen was going to school, someone close to him took his own life because of bullying. Now, Bowen helps run a hotline for people dealing with bullying. Plus, he helped the students get live on the radio.

Bowen says the students have really taken ownership of the program.

"When they started I said 'You guys got to run this. I'm not going to sit behind the board all day.' Now they don't even let me in sometimes. It's like okay Big Keith, we got it. I'm like I'm feeling some type of way let me in, but you know that's good. They're taking control," said Bowen.

You can listen to the show online.