Station Casinos has local craft brews on tap

Posted at 6:00 PM, Nov 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-18 21:02:36-05

Station Casinos is tapping into the craft beer scene in Las Vegas by offering a few select brews at all of their properties, including Wildfire locations.

The craft beer partnership launched on October 27 with Dr. Frankenstone's Monster IPA from Stone Brewing - a drink with resin, citrus, and tropical fruit notes along with a malty backbone.

Able Baker's Chocolate Chip Honey Dip Stout, Heart of Darkness from Magic Hat, and Silver State from CraftHaus made their way to the casinos on Nov. 1. 

The Chocolate Chip Honey Dip takes a hearty brew that usually couples well with meat and infuses it with chocolate. Station Casinos mixologist Chris Leavitt recommends pairing it with an actual cookie for dessert.

Heart of Darkness also includes chocolate malts and works well when paired with meat and potatoes. Meanwhile, Silver State is a refreshing pilsner that functions as a great stepping stone for those that want to venture outside of Budweiser into the craft brew scene.

Both Chocolate Chip Honey Dip Stout and Silver State will be exclusively available at Station Casinos properties while supplies last.

Christmas Ale from Anchor Brewing - made with cacao, toffee, roasted nuts, honey, and herbal spice - will be available on tap starting December 1. 

Barley's Casino & Brewing Company, which is owned by Station Casinos, will also serve up seasonal brews like their Vanilla Maple Porter, available December 15. They're currently serving their Pumpkin Ale and Mango IPA while supplies last.