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Soccer player gives cab driver a life-changing tip

Local cab driver gets a life-changing tip
Posted at 6:14 AM, Feb 06, 2017

A cab driver struggling to make ends meet got a tip that changed everything.

Pedro has been driving a taxi for almost two decades. He normally works six days a week to support his family, but he says he's months behind his bills.

The cab driver mentioned his situation to his passenger while they were driving from the Cosmopolitan to the airport. He didn't realize that in the backseat was Quincy Amarikwa, a professional soccer player for the San Jose Earthquakes. He happened to be in town for a marketing convention.

Quincy decided to give a generous tip of $2,200 to help out the cab driver.

"I think it was luck, and God too... because this doesn't happen all the time," said Pedro. "It was real. I still don't believe it."