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Sky zone adds obstacle course suspended 22 feet in the air

Posted at 6:25 PM, Dec 13, 2017

Sky Zone in Las Vegas recently had a $1 million makeover, adding four new attractions inside the trampoline park. 

The upgrades are on full display in the center of the space. Kids can joust each other on top of pedestals over a foam pit, try their luck at a rotating horizontal ladder, or free climb on a rock wall.

Surrounding the new attractions is the SkyNinja Warrior Course: an obstacle course inspired by "American Ninja Warrior" that's suspended 22 feet above the ground.

Those brave enough to tackle the course are strapped in via harness, then test their strength, balance, and agility on obstacles like foam balance beams and swinging silks.

It's a concept that sounds exciting for children but likely makes parents nervous about potential injuries. That's why Robert Baumsteiger, Vice President of Operations for the L.A. Franchise Group, says that Sky Zone employees undergo rigorous training to keep their guests safe.

"All of our kids that work SkyNinja have been through over 12 hours of safety training," said Baumsteiger. "They have to pass a physical and a written test, and it has to be 100 percent. They don't pass, they don't get to work it."

Baumsteiger is also a stickler for safety practices. Harnesses are inspected multiple times before guests are allowed to set foot on the course. 

You can check out more info about the new attractions at Sky Zone here.