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Property Brothers: Keeping things simple in Las Vegas

Posted at 6:53 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 21:55:19-04

Give Jonathan and Drew Scott some sushi, movies and escape rooms and they're golden.

The Scott brothers, known for their hit HGTV shows "Property Brothers" and "Brother vs. Brother," among others, initially set up shop in Las Vegas more than eight years ago and love everything the city has to offer.

"Vegas is like just any other city except with way more options and less rain and snow," Jonathan said at the Licensing Expo held May 23-25 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Jonathan was the first brother to move to Las Vegas from Canada, exploring a possible show related to his work as an illusionist. The brothers were already involved in real estate before they came to the valley, which was at the bottom of the recession at the time.

Jonathan and Drew were able to buy homes for less than $100,000 and turn them into affordable rental properties. As they spent more time in Las Vegas, they grew to love it.

They have noticed the slow and steady rise Las Vegas' real estate market has taken in the years since the recession.

"The interesting thing in Las Vegas is the low-priced housing has shot way back up, mid-priced housing is actually doing quite well," Jonathan said. "Then it's sort of a lull in some high-end housing where there's not a lot happening. Then the uber high-end housing has just skyrocketed."

The Scott brothers have worked on concept homes that offer something a little different than the other real estate available in the valley.

"We even shot two seasons of 'Brother vs. Brother' here. In shooting those, we were trying to show people that this is a market that has recovered," Drew said. "People are willing to pay a certain dollar for housing."

They ended up turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars in the home sales that went to charity.

The homes the Scott brothers work on also stand out from other houses around the valley, which can be known for looking much the same. They have green space, even if it's artificial, and other design features, such as different color schemes, that differ from the "builder basic."

"You never have to stick with the builder basic. You can always do something interesting," Jonathan said. "Every season of 'Brother vs. Brother' that we filmed here, people went nuts when the houses went on the market because it was so different from everything else around, so beautiful. I think it's a matter of inspiring people to do something outside their comfort zone."

The brothers want to show people options, not just when it comes to housing.

"Vegas is a city that you can be enjoying your outdoor space year-round," Drew said. "It's a city where you have a lot to experience."

While they have embraced the Las Vegas housing market, there are certain aspects of the city that make it an ideal place for the Scott brothers to live.

"Vegas is just a great city. You have some of the best dining in the world; you have some of the best shows in the world," Drew said. "You also have areas like Red Rock if you want to get outside the city, which is always fun for me, rock climbing and what not."

It's also a great city for Drew, a self-described "hardcore parkour nerd." He also calls himself a big basketball nerd and hopes to see an NBA team someday in Las Vegas.

"We both played in the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game twice and playing in that was the next closest thing to being in the NBA," Drew said.

But they're both excited about the Vegas Golden Knights this fall and the Raiders moving to the city.

"The whole package is coming together here, I see it," Drew said. "I see it happening."

For those who want to know even more about the Scott brothers, fans will be able to purchase their book "It Takes Two" when it's released in September. It digs deeper into their childhood and rise to fame, including their move to Las Vegas.

HGTV gave us permission to use the "Brother vs. Brother" footage in the video.