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Officers being honored for National Police Week

Posted at 7:10 AM, May 16, 2017
Officers all over the valley are getting treated this week. That's thanks to a group of women who are coming together to find strength.
This week is National Police Week. Thenonprofit Police Wives of America is bringing gifts not only to Las Vegas police, but also North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. They've collected donations for more than 3,000 officers in total!
Some of the officers are getting handwritten letters.
Police Wives of America started in Las Vegas.
This year the group gained nonprofit status. The women have started helping wives in other cities start their own support groups.
The nonprofit's founder Deborah Costello says police face different problems city to city.
"In Reno they will proudly hang a thin blue line flag outside, put it on their car. The majority of the wives here in Vegas won't do that because they're scared of being targeted," said Costello.
This group has allowed women to share experiences and realize they're not alone.
"It's kind of comforting in one aspect that somebody else can kind of tell you what happened, how they walked through it. It's a little frightening on the other end that you have people doing that," said Costello.
Costello says several women have faced threats on social media because of the cases their husbands are working.