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Findlay donates van to Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth

Posted at 4:25 PM, Jul 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-11 19:25:24-04

Transportation is just one of the many services Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth provides for its clients. Now it will be easier with the donation of a 2015 Chevy ES 15-passenger van from Findlay Cadillac and Findlay Honda Henderson to the nonprofit organization.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth says it has been cumbersome to easily transport groups of homeless youth because of limited capacity where existing and aging NPHY cars only meant for a few passengers require multiple staff members to drive or a single staff member to make multiple trips.

With the new Findlay van, staff now will be able to transport almost all clients in its Independent Living Program at one time. These trips include travel to the DMV, UNLV, educational field trips, and other activities away from its Drop-In Center.
The multi-passenger Chevy van is valued at $26,000. In addition, Findlay has donated getting the van wrapped in Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth colors – gold and purple – with the NPHY website, contact information and Safe Place logo. This information will help with generating awareness about Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth and provide youth in need with another touchpoint for contact information.

The Safe Place Program, operated by Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth  since 2002, provides immediate help and safety to all youth in crisis by offering safe place sites at any Terrible Herbst Gas Station, Las Vegas City Fire Station and free bus transportation provided by the Regional Transportation Center to the locations identified by the Safe Place logo.