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Findlay donates $20,000 to Grant A Gift Autism Foundation

Findlay donates $20,000 to Grant A Gift Autism Foundation
Posted at 10:45 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 01:45:48-05

A pair of long-time families with close ties to the car business are helping make Las Vegas a better place.

The creation of Ackerman Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment Solutions several years ago was complemented recently by a $20,000 donation from Findlay Automotive Group to Grant a Gift Autism Foundation which supports Ackerman Autism Center at 630 N. Rancho Road.

“Once again, the Findlay family and Findlay Automotive Group are reaching out to help others in Las Vegas,” said Lotus Broadcasting general manager Tony Bonnici, who like Gaudin Motor Company executive Gary Ackerman is a member of the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation board of directors. “Thanks to the donation, a room in the center is being dedicated to benefit the children and families who are affected by autism.”

The Ackerman Autism Center in partnership with Grant a Gift provides clients with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and speech and behavioral therapists for a comprehensive diagnosis, treatment plan, follow-up care and support services. The center combines cutting-edge diagnostics, treatment, behavioral/vocational training, support programs, and education for infants to young adults, all in one outpatient setting.

Added Findlay Automotive Group operations director Robby Findlay, “Having been personally affected by autism, it was an easy decision to step up and help the Ackerman Autism Center. Autism diagnosis has grown so rapidly in the past 10 years that traditional funding sources can't keep up with the need for services. The team at the center provide unbelievable services, and we will continue to support them for years to come.”

The donation generated a big thank you from Lynda Tache, founder and CEO of Grant a Gift Autism Foundation.

“Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is so grateful to Findlay Automotive Group for their recent gift to our organization,” she said. “Because of their commitment to the community and generous support to our organization, we are able to continue to change the lives of families and individuals living with autism in Southern Nevada, by helping them reach their full potential and live with maximum independence.”

“The UNLV Medicine/Ackerman Center for Autism has been a dream in our family since our oldest son, Andrew, was diagnosed,” Ackerman said. “He was eight at the time and he turned 33 this past October. Collaborating with the new UNLV School of Medicine was the final piece of the puzzle that took us from a dream, to a functioning clinic.

“The support we have received from the community has been beyond our wildest hopes. The Findlay family donation is a great example. They are always involved with the community and are long-time supporters of UNLV as well. The fact that our two families have been close friends for two generations makes it even more special. We have a fabulous group of long time, locals that make up the board at the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation. The work they have all done and the money they have all raised has allowed our new center to become the only one of its kind in Nevada. The Findlay family's donation keeps our momentum growing as the center continues to expand.”

Findlay Automotive Group was founded in 1961 by the late Pete Findlay, whose son, Cliff, now oversees 28 automobile dealerships in Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon and Utah. Further information can be found by visiting www.findlayauto.com.

Further information regarding Grant a Gift Autism Foundation can be found by visiting or by visiting www.grantagiftautismfoundation.org or by calling 702-564-2453.

Contributed by Mike Henle of The Idea Company Public Relations.