New trend reveals each states most-searched Halloween costume

Posted at 1:50 PM, Oct 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-20 16:50:21-04

With the CDC discouraging traditional trick-or-treating, Halloween might look a little different this year—but that won't stop Americans from dressing up.

All Home Connections searched up and down Google Trends for the fourth year in a row to find America’s most-searched Halloween costumes by state.

The Halloween costume that Nevada googled the most this year is an Angel.

Some of our neighboring states costumes include Fortnite (California), pirates (Arizona), and witches (Utah).

Here a few interesting facts the report found:

-Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, and Mississippi are all landlocked states, yet they’re due to invest in pirate attire come October 31. Maybe it’s because these states play host to many well-known rivers and lakes (Lake Mead, the Mississippi River, the Colorado River, and Lake Superior, to name a few).

- 43% of states will dress up as heroes and villains this year, and Spider-Man and Harley Quinn are the most popular costumes by a landslide. Nine states are set to sport spidey suits, and people in seven states are planning on throwing their hair in blue and red pigtails ala Harley Quinn.

- New Jersey and North Carolina opted to go as Pennywise, Stephen King’s infamous, evil clown.

-America’s most-searched Halloween costume for 2020 is Spider-Man.

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