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New surgery centers for Southwest Medical

New surgery centers for Southwest Medical
Posted at 2:15 PM, Feb 06, 2018

Southwest Medical’s two surgical facilities now include ambulatory surgery centers - also known as outpatient surgery centers or same-day surgery centers.

While ambulatory surgery centers can be seen on many hospital campuses, they are relatively new to medical practices. Ambulatory surgery centers allow for surgical procedures not requiring an overnight hospital stay.
These changes have also meant improvements to Southwest Medical colon cancer screening program, with the addition of ‘Direct Access Colonoscopies.’ This means that patients can schedule a colonoscopy without having to come into the office for a consultation, providing much more convenient access to care, as well as the availability of Saturday scheduling.
Physical improvements include:

  • An enhanced HIPPA-compliant patient tracking system in the waiting area and in the medical lab. This allows family members or others designated by the patient to know where the patient is in the surgical or recovery process and provides a higher level of detail to the medical team.
  • Enhanced visuals for colonoscopies. Standard video monitor size for most facilities in Southern Nevada is 22” inches. Depending on the operating room size, Southwest Medical is using video monitors from 48” inches to 55” inches.