New augmented reality game lets players buy and sell real world properties

Posted at 11:34 AM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 15:56:42-04

Walking down the street you notice something has changed.

Using a massive pool of data, including detailed information about more than half a billion real-world properties, Landlord Go connects the user to their city in an exciting and innovative new way that no other game can offer.

With over 1 million players worldwide, it’s the first real-world augmented reality game that uses real buildings, real people, and real prices to turn your city into an action-packed strategy game. ​With more than 6,285 players already making deals for virtual ownership of the more than 35,961 in ​Las Vegas​ already, there’s no shortage of fierce competition ready for action.

You walk your neighborhood every day, seeing familiar landscapes and buildings. Now you can view those daily sights in a whole new way by owning a virtual piece of your community. Whether you’re starting small or have grand visions to own the ​John Hancock Tower​ in Las Vegas or the Empire State Building in New York City, they’re yours for the taking with Landlord Go.

Do you have unique knowledge of a part of your city that few others know? That local intel can translate into big profits in Landlord Go. If a new coffee shop is opening in your neighborhood and you think it’s poised to become the next Starbucks, put in a bid for it, and start raking in the rent payments from the crowds lined up outside the door.

Players can start small and quickly create a vast real estate empire through savvy investing. Put properties on the market, or engage in furious bidding wars with other players, recreating the experience of competing in the thrilling real estate market right from their phone.

The game is exciting as players see their fortunes grow and engage in sky-high value transactions, competing with other players for dominance in the real estate market. There’s nothing quite like it available today, and nothing that even comes close to the level of accuracy and detail found in Landlord Go.