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Meet the woman behind the Lone Mountain fairy village

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Fairy village.png
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Posted at 5:56 AM, Dec 01, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A popular hiking spot in the northwest part of the valley has been transformed into a magical home for fairies!

Samantha Patino is the crafty woman behind the magic. She started with a few twigs and turned it into an intricate mini village.

Samantha and family.jpg
Samantha Patino poses with her friends and family near Lone Mountain.

To see it for yourself, you’ll have to climb a few hundred feet. It’s a short, steep hike to the summit of Lone Mountain-- about 520 ft.

Before you reach the peak, you’ll find a makeshift village fit for a fairy tale.

The items were all brought up in a wagon, Patino said.

Patino started the project on a slow day at work with some inspiration from Pinterest. She used sticks, tree bark, and dried-up moss for most of her creations.

She’s made more than a dozen creations including a piano, harp, kitchen, and wagon caravan.

Fairy village.png

One piece can take Patino about five hours to make.

Patino returns to the mountain to make sure things are well kept. She’s been disappointed to see shattered glass and tile added to the area.

She doesn’t mind the additions as long as they’re environment-friendly.

“People can fall and get hurt and I don’t want anyone to get hurt under my fairy village that’s up there,” Patino said.

Patino says the fairy village was a labor of love with the hope that passersby will take a moment, take in the view, and breathe.

“People go hiking up here to relieve stress, relieve anxiety. When you get a sight of a fairy village it distracts you from everything that’s going on,” Patino added.

And you may be wondering who is in charge of trail maintenance on Lone Mountain.

The map below shows the City of Las Vegas owns the area in green and the rest lies in Clark County, so it’s a mix.


Both jurisdictions are aware of the village and say it’s not a problem as is.

After all, folklore says not to mess with fairies. You can be blessed with good luck if you treat them right!