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Low budget, high fashion: Las Vegas stylists create dramatic wardrobe makeovers

Las Vegas stylists create makeovers for cheap
Posted at 1:26 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-13 16:36:46-04

Two Las Vegas stylists are making it more affordable to get a fashion makeover.

Edwina Registre and Shana Dahan started their group "Thrifters Anonymous" on YouTube 7 years ago. 

"You find that one of a kind item that nobody can get their hands on," Registre said. 

The duo says you have to know where to shop, keep your mind open and start with baby steps. 

For Jessica Poole, it was her first time in a thrift store, facing rows and rows of clothes. She had been in a rut, usually wearing T-shirts and jeans. She likes dresses, but they're usually dark and simple. 

Registre and Dawan waste no time. Rule No. 1, if you want to make statement, step out of your comfort zone. 

Poole has a gut reaction to a gold dress, saying "Oh my God no, I wouldn't wear that." But then it goes into the cart, along with a little cocktail number. 

Now Rule No. 2 for beginners is "Just go to one section and then leave." 

With the experts though, they breeze through it all in less than an hour and find some good deals along the way. A pair of pants, tank and vintage blouse will cost Poole $22. 

You can also get a brand-name dress and black vest for $19 or a blazer, jeans and booties for $28. 

And there comes Rule No. 3, "You always want to do a little sloppy tuck." Style is tucking it in, rolling it up and making adjustments as you see fit. 

Now how much are certain items going to cost you?

Blue dress: $8

Gold dress: $4

Green dress: $15
Vest: $4
Booties: $10
Total: $29

Red blazer: $10
Graphic tank: $4
Jeans: $8
Shoes: $10
Total: $32

Dress/belt/jacket ensemble: $13
Shoes: $10
Total: $23

Boho shirt: $6
Skirt: $5
Shoes: $10
Total: $21

Jacket: $24.99
Teal dress: $14.99
Total: $39.98

Floral dress: $14.99


NOTE: Outfits were purchased from the Goodwill store at Boulevard Mall.