Locals camping outside for Black Friday, and for a good cause

Posted at 11:22 AM, Nov 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-21 11:03:13-05

Bruce and Barbra Reeves have been camping out for Black Friday for years. But this year they're not doing it for themselves.

The two set up a tent outside of a Best Buy in Las Vegas near North Decatur Boulevard and the 215 beltway on Friday. 

They say they're trying to help out the woman who took photos at their children's wedding. The woman had her car broken into recently. Her camera and laptop were stolen.

So now, the Reeves want to help the woman replace her equipment.

"I've been blessed. Whenever I need something, someone's always there to help," said Barbra. "So we figure, 'You know what? It's not like karma, but it's a blessing for us to help someone else.'"

The Reeves have already replaced the woman's camera. Now they're camping out to replace her laptop.