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Las Vegas musicians take a stand against gun violence

Posted at 8:39 AM, Feb 20, 2018

Musicians who perform on and off the Las Vegas Strip are taking a stand against gun violence.

The project started with a singer at Bally's, Vin Adinolfi. He was fed up with all the shootings across the nation and even here in Las Vegas. He did what he knew how to do and wrote a song.

The name of the song is "Enough Is Enough." Clint Holmes, Frankie Scinta, and performers with Jersey Boys and The Bronx Wanderers all came together for the song.

"To have only been in this town 17 months and to look next to me and see like 15 of the biggest stars in town and 20 of the biggest stars in town, it was a moment I'll never forget," said Adinolfi.

After the tragedy of 1 October, it took little convincing to get big names on board.

"As soon as he told me about the project I was like heck yeah I'm in," said James "Bonzai" Caruso, a Grammy award-winning recording engineer and producer.

For months they've been working out of a Henderson recording studio. Sadly, however, they've had to change the lyrics to keep up with the latest shootings.

"It's a question... When is it ever enough?" said Keith Thompson, the musical arranger.

"I want to put some pressure on people. I want to make people start asking questions. I want people to realize this shouldn't be normal," said Adinolfi.

Only a few snippets of the song have been released. The full thing is coming out in March.

Adinolfi hopes to present the song to the survivors of the Florida school shooting.