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Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions seeks foster care volunteers

Posted at 12:32 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 16:15:29-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Spring is nearly here and that means kitten season is around the corner! Soon, litters upon litters of orphaned kittens will arrive at Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions in urgent need of foster care volunteers to provide them with temporary homes.

Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions began as a foster-based cat rescue organization in 2007, so their foster program is well established. However, there is still a crucial need to increase foster homes today. The foster program focuses on kittens that are too young or need special care before they can be placed in adoptive homes. It gives neonatal kittens, as well as other special-needs cats, the best opportunity in life while opening up space at the adoption center so more lives can be saved.

“We have many dedicated families that open their homes during kitten season, but they can only take one litter at a time so it’s critical that we add more volunteers to this important program. Every litter that we take in needs a temporary home that same day,” said Katie Millonzi, Associate Director for Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions. “Experience is not required, and we provide on-the-job training.”

Foster care volunteers can choose which kind of animals to foster—whether orphaned kittens, a mom and kittens, or even adult cats with special needs. The greatest need, however, is for young kittens. Some need to be bottle fed while others are already eating on their own and just need to reach three pounds in size so they can be spayed or neutered and adopted. Whether you provide a home for two days, two weeks or two months, you will be rewarded with the invaluable experience of raising kittens.

Please consider becoming a foster care volunteer for Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions today and experience the fulfillment of helping save precious little lives. More information, and applications to become a foster care volunteer, are available online at www.homewardboundcats.org or you can contact 702-329-9771.