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Help local youth by supporting Boys and Girls Clubs fireworks stands

Posted at 12:51 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 16:16:39-04
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada are raising money for local youth by opening several fireworks stands around the valley. The stands will be open from June 28 and will remain open until July 4.
Their stand locations are listed below:
KMART (Las Vegas Boulevard/Carey Avenue)
2671 North Las Vegas Boulevard
North Las Vegas
Terrible Herbst (Cactus Avenue/Southern Highlands Pkwy) 
10590 Southern Highlands Pkwy
Las Vegas
Terrible Herbst (Boulder Highway/Lake Mead Parkway)
306 N. Boulder Highway
Terrible Herbst (Pecos Road/Wigwam Avenue)
2601 Wigwam Pkwy
Stop N Shop (Vegas Drive/Rainbow Boulevard)
6660 Vegas Drive
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada is a nonprofit that services over 20,000 kids a year. They provide a safe environment for kids and have hundreds of activities that they can take part in. These activities include basketball, soccer and even provide meals.
Their daily attendance is over 2,500 kids at 14 different clubhouse locations.  
They have before school and after school programs, track break programs and an awesome summer program that keeps youth active and off the street while school is out.
One of the major focuses across the Boys & Girls Club nation is to create as many opportunities for teens in Southern Nevada.
These fireworks booths open those avenues for teens to see opportunities outside of their communities.
Youth that attend BGCSN may not have the resources to visit prospective colleges and universities, or take memorable trips that will last a lifetime.
BGCSN believes that every child should have an opportunity to further their education, and reach for the stars.
For more information on the clubs, or to make a donation, clickhere.