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UPDATE: Goat Yoga Las Vegas adds more classes

Posted at 4:32 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 14:46:11-04

UPDATE AUG. 2: Goat Yoga Las Vegas announced that it is now offering two more classes to its schedule.

In addition to its morning classes on Saturday and Sunday and its Wednesday sunset class, Goat Yoga Las Vegas will have a 6:30 p.m. class on Thursdays and a 9 a.m. class on Fridays.

Check out Goat Yoga Las Vegas' website for a full schedule and availability.


Never been interested in yoga? But what if you add baby goats to the mix?

That is now a reality as goat yoga is the latest sensation to take over Las Vegas after first starting in Portland, Oregon. Goat Yoga Las Vegas began about three months ago and now the classes are booked weeks in advance with wait lists.

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"Goat Yoga Las Vegas is a whole new way to yoga," said Brandon Nobles, co-owner of Goat Yoga Las Vegas. "Basically, it's a great way to get people that wouldn't exactly consider yoga the thing they want to do that day."

The baby goats are part of Petting Zoo 2 U and start getting experience with humans once they've been weaned from their mothers.

"We have lots of goats that we use for all our petting zoos here in town," Nobles said. "So basically, it gave us a way to get our babies out there and started into the world and they get socialized with humans."

Once the 20 participants have settled in with their mats ahead of class, the goats are let loose inside an enclosed pen at Western Trails Neighborhood Park, the location of most classes. Food is placed all around the pen, including under yoga mats and even on top of yoga practitioners.

"It was kinda hard to focus on the yoga with all the cute goats running around, but it was so much fun," said Samantha Morton, who had practiced yoga before.

In many yoga classes, it's often quiet beyond the teacher giving instructions on postures and breathing. There's also no cell phones.

But in goat yoga, cell phones are allowed to take selfies and other photos with goats. There's also plenty of giggling.

"Everyone comes for different reasons but I think what everyone leaves with is a calmness and a centered and just fun," Nobles said. "You've never heard so many grown adults giggle at the same time. It's just incredible."

After the class is done, there is more time for photos and interacting with goats.

Right now, Goat Yoga Las Vegas has classes three days a week -- 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. It costs $20 per class. 

Class sizes were recently increased from 15 to 20, which Nobles said is just right for the goat to human ratio. But they are looking at expanding the number of classes offered.

"Our potential goal is to maybe have two classes a day between 3 and 4 days a week, Nobles said. "That way we can get the volume of people going and have fun with our babies and get the babies out there and interacting with people."

The expansion might also help accommodate returning yogis. After attending last Wednesday's class, Laura Gruninger would practice goat yoga again.

"It was an awesome experience," she said. "I love baby goats so when I heard that you can combine yoga with goats, I was definitely excited to try it."

For more information about Goat Yoga Las Vegas, check out its website and Facebook.