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Girl Scouts practice yoga at Vegas Hot

Posted at 12:50 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 15:50:25-04

Girl Scouts are known for their cookies but also giving back to the community. On Saturday, a Las Vegas yoga studio returned the favor.

A Girl Scout troop -- including 15 girls and 7 mothers -- got to practice yoga at Vegas Hot, located off Rainbow Boulevard near Oquendo Road.

"We wanted to introduce yoga to the youth. It helps them concentrate; it helps them relax," said Amber Tsang, Girl Scout troop leader. "And we just wanted to show the youth that yoga can be implemented in their lives, and they don't have to wait to be adults to practice."

This troop ranges in age from kindergarten through high school.

It was 9-year-old Gabby Frey's first time practicing yoga and she said she liked it, especially in a class with her fellow Girl Scouts.

Olivia Tsang, 11, has been doing yoga for several months and can see herself continuing to practice as she gets older.

"It helps you relax and just calm down whenever I'm stressed out," Tsang said.

For yoga instructor Jessica Denorio, it was her first time teaching a class to kids. She said there were few differences between teaching kids versus adults.

"They're a little bit more fun. They're more playful," she said.