For the love of reading: Henderson couple finally opens bookstore after 16 years

Posted at 11:46 AM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 14:56:10-05

As we're losing more bookstores to online retail and technology, a Henderson couple is going against the odds.

The Marcisofsky's turned their love for books into a business.

"We love to read. We love the whole idea of books."

Wendy and Anthony Marcisofsky's Copper Cat Books is only a few weeks old, located at 1570 Horizon Ridge Parkway in Henderson 

"When you come in we take care of people. Listen to what they have. If we don't have it we'll try it and find it," says Anthony.

For 16 years, they tried to open a bookstore - even scouting locations in Florida.

"Circumstances locally presented this opportunity so we came into this space, stripped it right down to the concrete and built it back up," says Wendy.

The store is the fulfillment of their longtime dream.

"We have heard other people say that it's kind of courageous. We opened it given the trend with technology, things like that. But we've been well received," says Wendy.

The couple says small businesses in the area are helping each other stay afloat.

Bradley Wise runs a shipping company next door. He's also a loyal bookstore customer.

"I love the layout of it. I love the cleanliness. And the thing above all is Anthony and Wendy, they are wonderful people," says Wise.

Local business owners refer their customers to each other. 

"Small businesses are the backbone of any community. Small businesses provide a lot of the jobs, the community. Small businesses provide the unique type of businesses that you don't see in other places," says Wise.