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Employees look back on Station Casinos 40-year history

Posted at 11:57 PM, Jul 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-02 14:01:12-04
If you’re going turn 40, you may as well do it in style.
Station Casinos, the place where Las Vegas goes to game, celebrated forty years in the business with a fireworks display on Friday.
"I love working for Station Casinos," said Bernice Boykin, a cage cashier who has worked at Palace Station for 38 years. Back then it was a little 5,000-square-foot casino with only a handful of tables.
"First of all, we're family," said Boykin, who began as a server at a restaurant. Then, one day, the boss noticed how fast she could count the cash.
"Mr. Frank Fertita Jr. came to me in the booth and says 'I like the way you count money.'" So Boykin traded in her waitress tray for the cashiers cage.
"I love my job," Boykin said.
Over the years, Boykin grew with her job as Station Casinos sprouted 21 gaming venues, catering local folks who live in the valley.
"I love my customers and they love me," Boykin said.
Boykin is more than just the woman who hands out the money to the winners.
"You're not only a cashier. You're a counselor."
Boykin is also part psychologist, and part pal. "I have people coming to me with problems. ‘Bernice I need your opinion. Bernice my husband this, my wife that,’” Boykin said.
And Boykin is always ready to deal out some friendly advice.
“You say just mellow out. Get yourself together. Cash your check. Go have a drink. Have a meal and enjoy yourself. Enjoy your life," Boykin said.