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Dump your ex's stuff at Goodwill this Valentine's Day

Posted at 11:05 AM, Jan 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-23 14:05:19-05
Goodwill of Southern Nevada will accept all that stuff an ex-boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse left behind after the break up at one of its more than 40 donation locations across the valley as part of the nonprofit’s annual “Dump Your Ex’s Stuff” donation drive.
Goodwill donation ambassadors will also accept items that may remind you of him or her.  
For example, the set of dishes you got as a wedding present. The cell phone you used to text each other all night long. Or the dress, tie or sweater you wore on that first date.
By turning ill-will towards an ex into Goodwill, donors can turn break ups into opportunities for local Nevadans.  
Remember, every time you donate to Goodwill you receive a donation receipt and a tax write off.  
So there’s no excuse for you not to turn that animosity into generosity and feel the love for your community this Valentine’s Day.
To find a Goodwill donation location near you, click here.
All items donated to Goodwill of Southern Nevada as part of the Dump Your Ex’s Stuff donation drive must be the sole property of the donor.
Goodwill of Southern Nevada and participating partners are not liable for items donated that do not belong to the individual donating.