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Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo in Las Vegas

Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Where to get your Friday the 13th tattoo
Posted at 11:59 AM, Jan 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-14 10:19:54-04

It's that time again! Many shops around the Las Vegas area will be offering $13 tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th on Oct. 13.

Although the number 13 is considered unlucky by a large number of people, there are some cultures who view the number 13 as a symbol of life, fertility, and prosperity.

It is not known exactly when tattoos in honor of Friday the 13th began, but a tattoo of the number 13 is considered a "lucky" symbol by tattoo artists and the number is often accompanied by other lucky symbols.

Here are some shops around town who will be offering $13 tattoos on Oct. 13. Keep in mind that a $7 tip is pretty much mandatory (bringing the total to $20) and most shops require you to pick one of their designs (even if that is not specified in the listing below).

American Nightmare Tattoo, 2123 Western Ave. $13 for small tattoo. First come, first serve.

Beneath The Surface Tattoos, 3345 E. Patrick Lane. $13 tattoos. From noon until midnight. Taco truck, giveaways.

Black Spade Tattoo, 121 S. 6th St. $13 tattoos. Ink Masters King Ruck and ES. 30 design pages to choose from.

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo, 2640 S Highland Drive. $13 tattoos with a lucky $7 tip.

Collective Tattoo Parlor, 8416 W. Desert Inn Road. $50 full-color designs only. No custom designs. Arms and legs only.

Crown Electric Tattoo Co., 911 E. Charleston Blvd. $13 tattoos. Half-price piercings. Must choose from provided designs.

Diversity Tattoo, 8505 S. Eastern Ave. $13 tattoos. Over 60 sheets and 1,000 designs. First come, first serve.

Fortunate Son Tattoo Company, 4080 Paradise Road. $13 tattoos chosen from flash. Free basic piercing with cost of jewelry (anchors starting at $31). Discounts on multiple piercings.

Golden Skull Tattoo, 2310 S Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. 101. $13 tattoos with a lucky $7 tip.

Illuminati Tattoo Company, 3247 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive and 3240 S. Arville Street. $13 tattoos. 5 sheets of designs to choose from.

Ironhorse Tattoos and Piercing, 700 E. Naples Drive, Suite 106. 13 percent off of tattoos (they do not do tattoos for $13).

Koolsville Tattoo, 1223 S. Main Street. $13 tattoos, $20 piercings. Also available at 3 other locations.

L.A.S. Ink Tattoo, 5755 Spring Mountain Road. $13 tattoos. Changes cost extra. Accepting appointments.

Last Chance Tattoo, 4265 Arville Street, Suite E. $13 tattoos, $20 basic piercings. Must choose from provided designs. Arms and legs only.

Maniak Industries, 557 E. Sahara Ave. $13 tattoos.

Mastermind Tattoo, 2111 S. Valley View Blvd. $13 tattoos and $13 piercings. Doors open at 11 a.m.

Mystical Ink Tattoo, 2544 E. Charleston Blvd. $13 tattoos. Also designs for $26 and $39 and bigger at discounted prices.

Painless Wayne's Tattoo, 3935 E. Charleston Blvd. $100 tattoos for $13. $20 piercings. 

Precious Slut Tattoo, 1013 E. Charleston Blvd. $13 tattoos.

Reverie Tattoo & Art Studio, 4559 W. Flamingo Road. $13 tattoos. First come, first serve. Noon until 8 p.m.

Revolution Tattoo Parlor, 7365 W. Sahara Ave. $13 tattoos. They will also have bigger designs at a discounted price. Open at 9 a.m.

Rock N Roll Tattoo, 6060 Boulder Hwy. $13 tattoos.

Rockin' Ink, Westgate, 3000 Paradise Road. $13 tattoos.

Ship and Anchor Tattoo, Stratosphere, 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard. $13 tattoos.

Savage Ink Tattoo, 3650 S. Decatur Blvd. Pick from provided designs or bring one. No bigger than silver dollar size.

Skin Factory Tattoo & Body Piercing, 2461 West Horizon Ridge. $13 tattoos. Must choose from provided designs. 

Stedfast Tattoo Parlor, 4130 S. Sandhill Road. $13 tattoos. Choose from more than 100 designs. No hands, necks, faces or feet. 

Trip Ink Tattoo, 5115 Dean Martin Drive. $13 tattoos. Also offering $40 tattoos (plus $2 tip).

Westcoast Xclusive Tattoo Shop, 1937 Western Ave. $13 tattoos. Choose from designs. Any changes are extra.

Wolfpack Tattoo Downtown, 666 Las Vegas Blvd. South. $13 tattoos (some customizations allowed). 

To be added to this list, send information to joyce.lupiani@ktnv.com.