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Website ranks best, worst places to buy pizza

Posted at 5:13 PM, Feb 23, 2016

National Pizza Day was on Feb. 9, but we are always looking for a reason to talk about pizza (andtell you about some of the places in Las Vegas that serve it).

The latest reason is a new ranking by the real estate website Estately.

According to Estately, the best state to live in if you love pizza is West Virginia.

It is apparently really easy to get your hands on a pie in West Virginia. There are 1,553 establishments serving pizza in that state. That's one place for ever 1,210 people in the state.  

Maybe even more surprising are the next 4 best places to live if you don't want to have to expend a lot of effort to find pizza.

They are Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and Nevada.

Yep, Nevada is No. 5 on the list of Most Pizza Places per Capita.

Overall, the residents of several states in the northeast are the luckiest when it comes to be able to get their hands on the universally beloved food.

Not so much though for people who live in the South.

And Hawaii is apparently the state where it may be the hardest to find pizza. Despite the fact it is the only state to have a pizza named after it.

The ranking also revealed some other interesting facts about pizza.

The residents of West Virginia googles the word "pepperoni" more than any other state. The residents of Rhode Island google the word "pizza" the most. Colorado and Washington State google "pizza delivery" more than the other 48 states. Wisconsin residents google "frozen pizza" more than anyone else and the residents of New York google the song "Gimme Pizza" by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen the most.

Nearly 20 percent of all restaurants in Ohio serve pizza. Utah is near the bottom of the list, but search Google for "free pizza" the most.