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Survey: Nevada among most beer-loving states

Survey: Nevada among most beer-loving states
Posted at 10:41 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 03:20:28-04

National Drink Beer Day is celebrated around the country but there's some places that might enjoy a cold brew more than others.

Nevada ranks 15 among the 50 states for the most beer-loving state, according to Budweiser's "Beer With Your Buds" national survey. That is, 39 percent of Nevadans choose beer as their top drink among other beverages.

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The survey's top 5 beer-loving states include Massachusetts, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Arizona. Overall, the East is the U.S. region that loves beer most, followed by the West, the South and the Midwest.

The survey asked, what is your preferred drink when meeting friends at a bar or other social venue? The survey found 36 percent preferred beer, 17 percent margaritas, 13 percent wine, 5 percent Cosmopolitans and 4 percent gin and tonics.

Now while Budweiser, a domestic beer company, conducted the survey, it finds that Americans prefer domestic beer to craft beer.

National Drink Beer Day on Sept. 28 is one of several holidays to celebrate brews throughout the year. There is also National Beer Day in April and International Beer Day in August.