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Pizza and pie deals for Pi Day

Posted at 8:35 PM, Mar 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-14 12:23:56-04

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 each year to commemorate the irrational number of 3.141592653.

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Pi, or π, is defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It’s an irrational number, meaning it cannot be written as a simple fraction. The symbol for Pi (π) was first used in 1737 by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler.

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The first Pi Day was in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Physicist Larry Shaw had the idea to celebrate the day by marching around a circle and then eating some pies. They still have the celebration today.

March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday. he was born in Germany in 1879.

Blaze Pizza is inviting everyone to build their own artisanal pizza for just $3.14 in celebration of Pi Day at any location. Originally imagined as an unconventional “pop-up” event three years ago, Blaze’s Pi Day celebration has become a fan favorite and annual tradition for the company, and this year they expect to serve close to 250,000 pizzas on Pi Day.

The company’s Pi Day event will also include special “behind-the-scenes” coverage on Facebook Live and Snapchat, with guests tuning in to watch the celebration live and for the opportunity to win free pizza. A special Snapchat filter will also let guests share the Pi Day love with their followers that day.

There are multiple locations in Las Vegas valley.

Villa Italian Kitchen is also celebrating with a similar offer. They are offering full-size Neopolitan Cheese Pizzas for just $3.14 each. To take advantage of this delicious offer, Pi fanatics can head to VillaItalianKitchen.com/Promotions to download a coupon, good for one Neapolitan Cheese pizza at the special PI price of $3.14 on March 14, 2017, at any participating Villa Italian Kitchen location. Limit one per customer.

Hungry Howie's is offering a medium one-topping pizza for $3.14 with the purchase of a Howie Bread. Customers must use the promo code 314DAY when ordering online.

Whole Foods Market is celebrating Pi Day with $3.14 off both larger bakery pies and large take-and-bake pizzas. This Pi Day deal is only valid on March 14 and available while supplies last. Varieties of pies and pizzas vary from store to store, but may include pumpkin pie, apple pie, gluten-free apple pie, cherry pie, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, vegan pizza and more.

Marie Callender's is offering a pie-infused ice cream creation called "Pi"ce Cream Sunday on March 14. Marie Callender’s describes it as a chocolate chip cookie dough pie with English breakfast tea-rolled ice cream.