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OUR LAS VEGAS: Mid-century modern homes in Las Vegas

OUR LAS VEGAS: Mid-century modern homes in Las Vegas
Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 20, 2017

Mid-century modern homes and furnishings are hot right now.

The obsession with the style actually began in late 2005. Twelve years later, there is no sign of it slowing down though and there are multiple Facebook groups and websites devoted to homes and products that were built or produced in the middle decades of the 20th century.

There are several reasons that people find the style so appealing.

The houses tend to be smaller, but with open floor plans. They often have bigger yards than newer homes and the yards have mature landscaping.

The clean lines, usage of lighter materials, simpleness and casual attitude of mid-century modern home decor appeals to younger buyers and the older shoppers are drawn to the sense of history and nostalgia.

There are many fine examples of mid-century modern architecture and decor to be found in the Las Vegas' historic neighborhoods like Pinto Palomino, Huntridge, Beverly Green, John S. Park, Paradise Palms etc.

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If you are willing to spend the time driving around, the homes are pretty easy to spot. Some of the characteristics of mid-century modern homes include low- or intermediate-pitched gable roofs, one-story floor plans, little to no roof overhang, long and low facades, use of wood, brick and stone, multi-pane windows, and carports instead of garages.

If you are willing to wait, it's a good chance that you will see many of the homes during Nevada Preservation Foundation's annual Home + History weekend.

Nevada Preservation Foundation was founded in 2013 to provide guidance and leadership in preservation and promotion of Nevada's architectural heritage.

NPF supplies neighborhoods, home and business owners across the state historic designation and tax credit assistance.

As part of their mission to preserve, educate, and advocate, NPF also organizes quarterly educational events that engage the community and hosts heritage tourism events to bring locals and tourists into our historic neighborhoods.

This year's Home + History weekend featured a welcome reception at the Historic Westside School,  neon bus tours, martini tour of Liberace's mansion, the Golden Steer Happry Hour, a double-decker bus tour of churches, banks, schools and other civic institutions from early and mid-century Las Vegas, tours of the Phoenix House, and a vintage Vegas home tour.

The dates for next year's Home + History weekend are April 27 through 29. Click here for more information.