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MSG Sphere in Las Vegas hits milestones as 2019 comes to an end

Posted at 2:13 PM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 17:29:03-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — MSG Sphere at The Venetian continues to make progress as the end of the first full year of construction nears.

Many of the key elements, including its spherical shape, stage, event seating and atrium, are coming into focus as MSG continues towards its goal of opening in 2021.

MSG Sphere Fun Facts:
- Poured 33,182 cubic yards of concrete (nearly 4.5 Olympic swimming pools)
- Laid 14,724,380 lbs. of rebar
- Vertical construction has reached Level 4 (out of 8 levels) with work now taking place 65-feet above ground level; once complete MSG Sphere will rise to 366-feet tall
- Below grade mechanical, electrical and plumbing work has begun
- Concrete has been placed for the 2nd floor main atrium
- Concrete has been poured forming the foundation for the 4,000 square foot stage
- Raker beams to support permanent venue seating have been placed at level 2

MSG Sphere will feature seven seating levels with approximately 17,500 seats and a maximum capacity of just over 20,000 when there is a mix of seated and standing.

As the new year approaches MSG Sphere, just like most people, has some 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

They are hoping to reach these milestones throughout the year:
- Vertical construction will continue, reaching the “equator” – the widest section of MSG Sphere (Level 6) at 108 feet above grade
- Structural steel will begin to be put in place and the steel geodesic sphere wrapping around the building’s exterior, which will support the fully programmable LED display, will start to take shape
- Interior and infrastructure work will also begin

"MSG Sphere is an engineering marvel that will change the face of entertainment right here in Las Vegas. From the venue’s iconic spherical shape, the stage, seating and even the remarkable atrium, it’s easy to see the considerable progress we’ve made this year. I thank all of the dedicated workers who are helping us deliver on this vision and look forward to reaching more milestones in the coming year," said Nick Tomasino, VP Construction for The Madison Square Garden Company.