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Las Vegas Natural History Museum providing touchless interaction for new exhibit

Posted at 3:27 PM, Jun 26, 2020

New innovative digital representations of dinosaurs are being featured in a brand-new exhibit at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.

Digital Dinos is an exhibit designed and developed by the Museum and the interactive exhibit firm Ideum, based in Corrales, New Mexico.

This projection-based exhibit allows visitors to touchlessly interact with a variety of dinosaurs once native to Nevada and the southwest.

The exhibit’s 16-foot projection displays a scene from the Cretaceous Period, with massive plant-eating Titanosaurs in the background. New dinosaur characters then begin to appear: a meat-eating Eotryrannus tracks visitors in response to their movements, while a small pack of Deinonychus hides from guests when they appear. When an Eolambia mother and baby appear in the scene, visitors can even stretch their arms and feed them ferns.

The exhibit uses a Microsoft Azure Kinect to track visitor movements and provide corresponding dinosaur interaction.

The exhibit employs this same technology to remind visitors to observe 6-foot social distancing recommendations. This allows visitors to more safely interact with the Digital Dinos exhibit in the age of COVID-19.

Digital Dinos will premiere this weekend at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.