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Facebook friends suggest best prime rib in Las Vegas for National Prime Rib Day

Posted at 8:53 AM, Apr 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-27 19:13:49-04

April 27 is National Prime Rib Day and you won't find better prime rib than what is offered in Las Vegas. In fact, the city is kind of famous for it.

Instead of relying on restaurants and their public relations teams to tell us where to find the best prime rib this year, we decided to ask our Facebook friends where they go to find the "king of meats." Here are their answers:

Teresa Keen recommends Miller's Ale House on Tuesdays. She says it's the highlight of her week, especially since kids eat free. Eddie Islas is also fond of the special at Miller's. His advice is to go early because sometimes they run out.

Dave Gastl recommends the Prime Rib Loft at The Orleans. He says it is excellent prime rib at a very good price.

Brandon Traynor says that the Golden Steer is "pretty darned good." Lourdes Askin also voted for Golden Steer. And they weren't the only ones.

Carol McBroom voted for Longhorn Casino on Boulder Highway. She described it as "so good!"

Carla Dee Clemens says that true native Las Vegans know the best prime rib can be found at Jerry's Nugget. In fact, many people told us that Jerry's Nugget is the place to go.

Carlos Pacheco Fontenier says that Bob Taylor's Original Ranch House has the best prime rib "hands down."

Charles Mull shared his memory of the prime rib carving wagon at the Baronshire Steakhouse at the Hilton back in the day. He also raved about their housemade horseradish sauce. We wish we could have tried it.

Jose Linares describes the prime rib at Ellis Island Casino & Brewery as "delicious." He is also found of Prime Rib Loft and Lawry's, of course. Ellis Island also received several votes.

Dave Samuels says that although Lawry's The Prime Rib is on his list of the best, he and his wife discovered that Echo & Rig is a viable contender for the best.

Monica and Brian Ursua say they have tried prime rib from one end of the valley to the other. From Rainbow Club and Casino in Henderson to Lawry's to Hugo Cellar. Their favorite prime rib can can be found at Grand Cafe at Red Rock hotel-casino and Jerry's Nugget.

Cristina Corley loves the prime rib at Rainbow Club and Casino in Henderson. She is joined by Candyce Rohde.

Vanna Freeman says she enjoyed the prime rib at Sonoma Cellar Steakhouse at Sunset Station. She also gave two thumbs up to their scallops, salmon and bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Kirk Slater voted for Bob Taylor's Ranch House and Jerry's Nugget because they are two Las Vegas classics.

Joseph McCoy says that the Hitchin Post Saloon and Steakhouse on Las Vegas Boulevard offers the best prime rib deal that he has come across.

LG Battulayan gave McCall's Heartland Grill a shout out for both its 20 oz. bone-in and 12 oz. cuts of prime rib.

Stephen Provost says the best prime rib can be found at Tuscany Grill on Eastern Avenue.

Cheryle Sirote says she loves prime rib and she thinks the best can be found at Carve Restaurant at Eastside Cannery.

Leslie Tran and Megan Turner voted for Primarily Prime Rib at the South Point. There are actually several cuts to choose from including the South Point cut (10 oz.), English cut (3 slices of thinly cut meat), rodeo cut (16 oz. of meat sliced thick) and cowboy cut (26 oz. of extra-thick, double-cut meat). They also offer it Cajun style (blackened).

Victoria Wagenhauser is a big fan of the $15 prime rib deal at Lakes Lounge. She says it comes with choice of soup or salad.

Michael Gleason heads to The Steakhouse at Circus Circus whenever he is craving prime rib. The Steakhouse has long been considered one of the top restaurants for steak in the city.

Joselin Pals recommends Club Fortune on Saturday night for prime rib.

Jodi Miller believes that the Charcoal Room at the Santa Fe has awesome prime rib.

Shawn Livingston voted for Austin's Steakhouse at Texas Station.