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Downtown Las Vegas taco shop adds grasshopper tacos to menu

Posted at 8:24 AM, Aug 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 11:24:43-04

Santos Guisados Tacos & Beer is expanding its menu with the addition of the now-trending grasshopper.

These aren’t the Las Vegas grasshoppers you’ve seen in swarms around town, though. Sourced directly from Oaxaca, Mexico, Santos’ Chapulines (aka grasshoppers) are an authentic and centuries-old food tradition in Central Mexico and now available at the downtown Las Vegas taco shop.

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Santos’ new menu items include the Guacamole with Chapulines and Carnitas Taco with Chapulines. Sautéed in olive oil, onion and chile de arbol, Santos’ grasshoppers are perfectly crunchy and salty – making them an incredible garnish or main protein.

For the Guacamole with Chapulines, the grasshoppers are sprinkled atop its signature guac; while the Carnitas Taco with Chapulines is made with a handmade tortilla layered with refried beans, Santos’ slow cooked pork, sautéed grasshoppers, and garnished with onions, cilantro and salsa verde.