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Celebrate with a festive holiday cocktail in Las Vegas

Posted at 3:38 PM, Dec 18, 2017

Many people enjoy the holidays because of the special beverages and meals associated with them. And if you live in Las Vegas or a city like it, there's no problem finding many restaurants and bars that serve festive and delicious drinks for the holidays. Here are a few that we found around town. Just remember, drink responsibly!

Peppermint Bliss at Monkey Bar (SLS Las Vegas)
The Peppermint Bliss at the Monkey Bar, priced at $12, is made with rich Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Hennessey Black Cognac, Menta Fernet Vittone and whipping cream to create a winter wonderland for the palate. Topped with a spray of chocolate bitters, garnished with fresh mint and served with a peppermint dust rim from crushed candy canes, this cocktail concoction makes every day feel a little bit more like Christmas.

Liquor-infused hot chocolates at PBR Rock Bar & Grill
Choices include Chocolate Russian (hot chocolate or coffee with kahlua and vodka), Southern Cocoa (hot chocolate or coffee with Southern Comfort topped with whipped cream), Vodka Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate or coffee paired with crème de menthe and vodka), Ski Slope (choice of coffee/hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish Creme and Kahlua), Candy Cane (hot chocolate or coffee blended with Bailey's Irish Creme and Peppermint Schnapps), Irish Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate or coffee mixed with Bailey’s Irish Cream and finished with whipped cream), Rum Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate or coffee with rum), Cinnamon Toast Hot Chocolate (hot chocolate or coffee blended with Fireball Whiskey and Rum Chata, topped with whipped cream), and Ski Lift (hot chocolate or coffee with Peach Schnapps and rum). All beverages are 16 oz. and priced between $12 and $16.

Eggnog Martini, Chocolate Mint Martini and BEER PARK Alexander at BEER PARK LAS VEGAS
Holiday cocktails include Eggnog Martini, a mixture of brandy, simple syrup, egg and heavy cream, topped with a grated nutmeg sprinkle; the Chocolate Mint Martini, made with Rumple Minze liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, creme de cocoa, simple syrup and heavy cream, topped with a sprig of fresh mint; and the BEER PARK Alexander, a combination of brandy, heavy cream and creme de cocoa. All cocktails are priced at $8.

NOLA Nog at Delmonico Steakhouse
Delmonico Steakhouse is offering the NOLA Nog. Created by Head Bartender Lillian Hargrove, the NOLA nog features housemade egg nog, Havana Club rum, holiday spiced pastry cream and a smoking cinnamon stick. Available hot or frozen ($16). 

Mistletoe Magic at Cabo Wabo
The Mistletoe Magic at Cabo Wabo Cantina is made with Sailor Jerry rum, holiday syrup and a seasonal juice blend. It's garnished with an unwrapped candy stick. 

Nightmare Before Christmas at Therapy Restaurant
The Nightmare Before Christmas at Therapy Restaurant in Downtown Las Vegas is made with Rayu Mezcal, Cherry Leopold liqueur, aperol and lemon juice. Other seasonal cocktails include the ‘Deck the Halls’ and ‘White Christmas.’ All holiday cocktails are served through Dec. 31, priced at $10.

Scrooges' S'mores Cheertini and Carameltini Delight at Pancho's Mexican Restaurant
Scrooges' S'mores Cheertini is made with marshmallow vodka, chocolate liqueur, Tia Maria and fresh cream. The Carameltini Delight is made with caramel vodka, Rumchata, and fresh cream. The rim is drizzled with caramel and dipped in sea salt. Garnished with salted caramel. 

Partridge in a Pear Tree at Morton's The Steakhouse Room
The Partridge in a Pear Tree holiday cocktail is a blend of Grey Goose, “La Poire”, Vodka, St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup topped with La Marca Prosecco and served with a cinnamon sugar rim. Cost is $17 per cocktail.

Silent Night at PRESS in Four Seasons
The Silent Night cocktail is made with Grand Marnier, Marie Brizzard Chocolate Liquor, chocolate ganache, cocoa powder, sea salt, whipped cream and chocolate shavings. 

Bueuna Vista, Minty Fresh, Pick Me Up and S'more Depight at Vista Cocktail Lounge
Vista Cocktail Lounge at Caesars Palace has several holiday cocktails. They include Buena Vista with Jameson Irish Whiskey, coffee, brown sugar syrup and topped with house made coconut whipped cream; Minty Fresh with Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, coconut rum and dark crème de menthe and garnished with a chocolate peppermint patty; Pick Me Up with Ciroc Coconut Vodka, praline syrup, Patron XO Coffee Liqueur, coconut rum, coffee and topped with house made coconut whipped cream; and S'more Delight with Rumchata, Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka, cream, white crème de cacao, marshmallow syrup and topped with toasted marshmallows and graham cracker

Tom and Jerry, Balls 'n' Cider; Tiki Tiki Tiki Coffee, Naughty Hot Chocolate and Hot Buttered Rum at Golden Tiki
Holiday cocktails at the Golden Tiki include Tom and Jerry (TJ batter, Coruba dark rum, hot water, whipped cream, nutmeg); Balls'n'Cider (Fireball cinnamon whiskey, warm apple cider, cinnamon) ; Tiki Tiki Tiki Coffee (Kahlua, Appleton Reserve rum, whipped cream vodka, whipped cream); Naughty Hot Chocolate (Hot cocoa, whipped cream vodka, topped with marshmallows) ; and Hot Buttered Rum (Hot butter, Coruba dark rum, hot water, nutmeg). Available through Dec. 31. $10 each.

Christmas Thyme, Angel's Spice, and the Elf-hopper at Piazza Lounge
Through the holiday season, Piazza Lounge at Tuscany hotel-casino is offering the following cocktails each $8: Christmas Thyme, a fresh sweet and fruity drink featuring Bombay Sapphire, Chambord, absinthe, strawberry, lemon and thyme; Ugly Sweater, a drink with subtle sweetness balanced with spice featuring sherry, allspice liqueur, orgeat and lemon; Angel’s Spice, a mule sent from a holiday angel featuring El Dorado Rum, allspice liqueur, Luxardo, lemon and ginger beer; and Elf-hopper, a dessert in a glass featuring Fernet Francisco, crème de menthe, crème de cacao and heavy cream.

Gingerbread Eggnog Russian, Winter Bourbon Sangria, Rosemary Pomegranate Mule and more at Gold Coast
Cornerstone inside the Gold Coast has several cocktails for the season including Gingerbread Eggnog Russian ($13), a unique spin to the classic White Russian cocktail with vanilla vodka, Kahlua and cream, house-made eggnog and whipped cream, served in a martini glass with a cinnamon sugar rim; Rosemary Pomegranate Mule ($12), featuring Stoli Vodka, pomegranate juice, Pama pomegranate liqueur and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, served in a classic copper mule mug garnished with a rosemary sprig and pomegranate seeds, emitting deliciously fruity aromatics; Pumpkin Spiced Latte ($12), a warm cocktail mixed with vanilla vodka and Baileys Pumpkin Spice Liqueur, topped with whipped cream and hazelnut sprinkles; Winter Bourbon Sangria ($12) featuring Malbec wine, Maker’s Mark bourbon, apple cider, blackberry liqueur and soda water, infused with winter fruits, including apple, orange and pear slices, topped with a cinnamon stick garnish; and the 40-day Barrel Aged Old Fashioned ($10), Cornerstone’s Prohibition-inspired crafted cocktail, is made with in-house Old Forrester Bourbon, infused with the flavors of cinnamon sticks and fresh cut vanilla beans, topped off with a cherry and orange peel garnish.

Black Velvet Cocktail at Ri Ra Las Vegas
Guests looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Guinness twist can enjoy the Black Velvet Cocktail  ($7.75), a Guinness and champagne cocktail served in a champagne glass at Ri Ra Las Vegas.