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CycleBar offers the rockstar experience for cyclists

Posted at 1:50 PM, Feb 22, 2017

CycleBar, which totes itself as a rock concert for cycling enthusiasts, opened up a new location in Henderson on Tuesday. Having never taken a cycling class before, I signed up for the inaugural ride to see if it lived up to its promise.

Classes at the cycling gym are hosted by a "CycleStar" inside a "CycleTheater," which includes LED lighting, a DJ booth, and 49 other cyclists that ride on an elevated stage. The rockstar theme somewhat carries outside the studio, where you can fill up your water bottle in a water fountain that looks like a draft beer tower.

Music varies depending on the class. Our CycleStar opted for a playlist of pop music mixed with high-energy EDM. Combined with flashing lights and a leaderboard that tells you your cycling score, there was plenty of motivation to race through the class at top speed.  The 50-minute ride went by in a flash.

A single class costs $22, similar to other cycling gyms around the valley, though CycleBar offers a 30 percent discount if you buy a pack of 20 rides or more at the studio. They also have free rides until March 4, which you can schedule here.