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Clark County goes all-in on tackling climate change

Posted at 3:32 PM, Oct 28, 2020

Clark County launched All-In Clark County, its program to address climate change and create a more sustainable future for all residents, businesses and visitors.

The program will be managed by the County’s Office of Sustainability—a division of the Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES)—and is a two-phased plan to assess several elements:

- Phase I: Review Clark County’s operations to determine opportunities to create efficiencies, reduce waste and utilize more clean, renewable energy. In Phase I, the County will also be funding the update to the regional greenhouse gas emissions inventory, which was initially conducted for the year 2014.

- Phase II: Development of a community-wide sustainability and climate action plan. The plan will take a smart, bold, and inclusive approach to creating a sustainable community for the well-being and prosperity of all, today and for future generations.

As Southern Nevada fights to rebuild its economy after COVID-19 and anticipates adding another 750,000 residents by 2050, it does so in the midst of unprecedented threats from climate change.

This challenge demands bold action to ensure Clark County’s future is healthy, livable, prosperous, and climate resilient.

For All-In, the county is launching a robust communications program as well as seeking input from the community through an online survey where they can share their priorities and concerns as it relates to climate change and extreme weather as well as prioritize which projects the County should focus on in their own operations.

The online survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and will be active through Nov. 14.

The survey is also available in Spanish and Tagalog later this week.

A hard copy version of the survey will be made available through the County’s website.