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Capriotti's CEO shares secret to making a great cheesesteak

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 25, 2018

Capriotti's makes a great cheesesteak. And CEO Ashley Morris knows it.

"This sandwich... for 25 years has won best cheesesteak in Delaware [and] for over seven years has won best cheesesteak in Las Vegas," he said. "This cheesesteak is more heavily awarded than I ever will be, that's for sure."

Morris said the sandwich had been part of the Capriotti's menu since they've opened up shop in Wilmington, Delaware back in 1976.

"Our founder - she grew up in Delaware, and in the mid-Atlantic, which is a suburb of Philly," he explained. "Cheesesteaks were part of her life since the day she was eating sandwiches, so of course she had to put it on the menu."

The secret to the sandwich's success, according to Morris, is simply getting the best quality meat you can find.

"Our steak has one ingredient: just steak. There are no fillers, there are no additives, there are no marinades, there's none of that's stuff," he said.

When Morris talks about Capriotti's meat, he isn't just repeating talking points from a company menu - he's an accomplished cook in his own right. When 13 Action News was shooting footage for this story, he made the cheesesteak himself for the video.

"I wouldn't ask my employees to do anything I wouldn't do," he said.