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Bronze Caf bringing groceries to Fremont East

Posted at 10:27 PM, Apr 08, 2016
In partnership with The Market, The Bronze Café will expand its downtown presence in May by offering groceries at East Fremont.
The new concept, entitled Bronze Café at The Market, will offer grocery staples including fresh produce, dairy, meat, cheese, wine, and beer. The store will also offer vegan meats and cheeses, organic groceries, and healthy beverage and snack options. Additionally, the store will implement home and office grocery delivery, online ordering, and curbside pickup by summertime.
"This partnership with The Market is a natural fit for Bronze Café. We look forward to exploring all the  ways we can address more of the unmet grocery needs of the downtown area,” said Peter Bastien, executive chef and managing principal of the Bronze Café. "As a chef, I'm just looking forward to feeding even more of downtown Las Vegas."
Doug McPhail, director of retail operations for Downtown Project, calls the development a "huge win for the entire downtown community." He said that he is excited to offer Bastien a larger kitchen to work with, and help his team expand into the grocery industry.