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BGCSN participate in fitness challenge

Posted at 4:46 PM, Mar 28, 2016
Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada and Planet Fitness recently teamed up “Four Days of Fitness and Fun,” a community initiative designed to emphasize the importance of physical fitness to Southern Nevada’s youth.
Planet Fitness club managers and fitness instructors visited one Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada clubhouse a day from March 21-24, encouraging the children as they participated in an hour-long program of engaging exercises and stretches.
More than 300 children total enjoyed activities that included relay races, obstacle courses, basketball and pushup and sit-up contests.
The goal of “Four Days of Fitness and Fun” is to inspire children to establish healthy habits at a young age and teach inclusion. 
Planet Fitness will be visiting four additional Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada clubhouses in the coming months.