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Army veteran received mortgage-free home

Posted at 4:13 PM, Feb 17, 2017

A U.S. Army veteran, who now suffers from PTSD, won't have to worry about paying the mortgage.  Friday, he was given a free home in the northwest valley.  

William "Joe" Haney spent 12 years going back and forth between the states and the Middle East, never feeling like he was ever really home. 

"I think I was normally gone about 8 1/2 months out of the year," says Haney.  

As part of a long range surveillance team, he spent days on end awake and in hiding.  Now, he'll be able to sleep as long as he wants, in his new home.  

"It's not just a house where you lay your head down at night," says Haney.  "It's where you make memories and where your life kind of starts." 

Haney will get to start that new life in a mortgage free home, donated through a partnership between US Bank and Freedom Alliance.  

"To be in one place for 12 months out of the who year, and it's my choice if I want to leave or not, that's pretty cool," says Haney.